The NASCAR Season starts today – Will you be watching

By joelb | February 18th, 2018

NASCAR SeasonThe 2018 NASCAR season starts today with the Daytona 500.  It always seems strange to me when they call it the Super Bowl of racing.   I get that it is the most popular race but there is no championship on the line.  So the prestige of winning is huge but it does not top off the season.  It starts the season.  It is nice that they have such a grand beginning.  Someday I would love to get there to experience it.

This year it does not seem as big as in years past.  Some of build up to it has not seemed as big as in years past.  Maybe it is me.  It might just be that a lot of the excitement that NASCAR used to have is just gone.   There is no more Jeff Gordon racing.  Dale Jr. is gone and will not be part of the race coverage till NBC takes over half way though the season.  Maybe he will help with the horrible coverage that NBC has.  I don’t see how he can save it.   Especially since it comes up against football.

I am going to watch the race today.  I have no idea who I am going to be rooting for.  With the drivers that I used to pull for all out of racing.  There was no transition for me from who I used to root for to who I am going to root for now.

Heck even with this post you can see that the excitement building up to the race was not there.  Here I am writing this as I am watching the pre race coverage.  I did not watch qualifying or the twin 125 races on Thursday to set the field.

That brings up the question of can NASCAR fix this problem.   At this point they have not shown any ability to do that.

What do you think?  What would you do to fix the problems NASCAR has?

Pay in Sports is just as unfair as pay in real life

By joelb | February 13th, 2018

Pay in SportsPay in Sports is crazy.  This past week the 49ers signed Jimmy Garoppolo to the most lucrative contract ever signed in the NFL  Not sure that it is the most lucrative.  Guess it would depend on several different factors to say that.  It is how ever the richest contract ever signed in the NFL.   How long will it be the richest contract ever signed?   Depends on how long before Kirk Cousins signs his new contract.  Come on you were thinking it as well.

Of course not even that will matter.  Who ever is the next quarterback up will end up being the highest paid player in the NFL.  It is just the way that it is in today’s market.

Talking heads complain a lot – so do I

I heard a lot of sports reporters complaining about how could a player that has only started 7 games be the highest paid player in the NFL.  I can tell you why.  Right place right time.  That is what it really comes down to.  These are the same guys that were complaining when Matt Stafford signed the contract that made him the highest paid player in the NFL.  Also the same guys that were saying crazy stuff like Aaron Rodgers should hold out till the Packers chuck out the huge contract.  Never mind that when Rodgers signed his contract a few years ago he was the highest paid player in the NFL.

So time goes on and the contracts get larger.  The next time Rodgers signs a contract he will be the highest paid player.  Till of course the next Quarterback in line will be the highest paid.   I don’t know where Rodgers is on the list last year but I do know he made $22 million.  Not bad even if you are not the highest paid player.  I am sure he was not too broke up over it.

So to say it is unfair is nuts.  What is crazy is that we pay sports stars and entertainers the amount of money that we do.  I don’t have anything against them for making that money.  If they don’t make that kind of money it goes to the owners.  Owners that already from their day job make more than all of their players combined.  So in that sense it is all relative.

Fans are the key to the pay

The other reason they make so much money is because of us.  If we were not so willing to carve out huge amounts of time and money for sports there would not be that kind of money to pay them.

So how does the pay in sports really work?  Each sport handles it a little different.  All of them have some sort of a Salary Cap.  The MLB cap is not really a true cap so much as a limit before the owner has to start to pay a tax on how much they are paying for their team.  The idea being that they would keep the salary in check and then the tax is spread to the other teams that are under that cap so they have more money to spend on players.  Not really sure how that works out.  The NBA has something similar but caps the percent of the cap that can be used on a certain player as well.  So they have the MAX contract.  The NFL has the hard cap but no cap on how much can be expended on an individual player.

Confusion Rules the pay

It is all very confusing and maybe we will go into all of them further another time.  The point here is that the Owners could not control themselves and needed something to help them control how much they will pay out.  The other reason was that the small market teams would not be competitive if the large market teams were able to spend what ever they wanted to spend.   So this leads to The pay in sports being an extremely intricate beast.

Ok that was the long road to go.  What this comes back to for me is that people getting upset about the pay in sports and what a certain player gets compared to the other players is just complete crazy talk.  They get what they get and each of them should try to get as much as they can.  Their careers are short.  The work is difficult.  Very few people are able to make it there.

The minimum Wage in each sport

NFL 2015 $435,000
NBA  2017  $583,180
NHL  2017 $650,000
MLB  2018 $545,000

These number are the minimum wage for a full time first year player in these sports.  This means that they made the team are not on a practice squad or something like that.  These are the minimum.  Now they do have to pay an agent.  Most agents take between 3 – 10 percent.  The NFL and NBA cap the amount an agent can make at 3 percent.  MLB and the NHL do not have a cap but most numbers show it falls between the 4 and 10 percent amount.  Even accounting for this that still leaves a nice number before taxes.

The point of this is that even the lowest paid professional athletes are paid very well.  Granted it is a lot of work but the pay off is fantastic.  So what does all this mean.   Well it means that Athletes get paid very well for what they do.  We are more than willing to put up the money for them to get paid that well.

Life is unfair.  There are people that work very hard for their money and will come no where near the lowest paid athlete.  I do not begrudge them for getting what they can.  Complaining about the contract one player gets compared to what another player is already getting is just crazy talk.   The next player up will get what is due to them.  The lowest paid players can make pretty good money.  If they are smart with it, even at the lowest pay it is life changing money.

What do you think?  Let us know in the comments what you think about athlete pay.

Which Team will Win Super Bowl 52

By joelb | February 4th, 2018

Which team is going to win Super Bowl 52?

Eagles or Patriots.   Unless you are a fan of either of those teams do you really care who wins the game?   I don’t really care who wins I just want it to be a good game. Want The commercials to be good.  I want the announcers to not suck. The coverage to be good and no blackouts.  That has only happened once so not really likely to happen again.

As I am watching the build up to the Super Bowl it is actually not that bad this year.  The coverage earlier in the day was alright.  Coverage surprisingly by NBC has been pretty good.  I say that because if you have ready any of my columns from before you know that NBC announcers are probably my least favorite.  Which is saying something since a lot of them are just not good.

They have had some great stories.  The story about Joe Gibbs and Doug Williams was fantastic.  It is hard to believe that happened 30 years ago.  I can remember watching that game like it was yesterday.  I was a senior in college at the time of that Super Bowl.  Amazing how time flies.

Has the Super Bowl for you reached the point where it is a marker of things in your life?  Do  you remember where you were and what you were doing on the day of certain Super Bowls?   I don’t for all of them for for a good portion of them I do.

It will make a difference how you remember the day depending on which team  is the winner.  So saying it does not matter who wins this game was not the complete truth.  It will matter when we look back on this game in future years.

So let us know in the comments who you want to win this game and why.

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Signing Alert – LeBron James to the Warriors

By joelb | February 1st, 2018

Signing Alert - ESPN for the fail againSigning Alert – LeBron James to the Warriors will never happen.   EVER.

Once again ESPN shows that they are getting closer to The Onion in their reporting that to their roots as a station that reports the news.  Which is fine if that is the path that they are choosing to make money.  There is lots of room for parody and satirical stories.   Everyone is interested in some humor at times.  Well almost everyone there are those people that do not get it or ever care to get it.  That is fine as well.  Each to their own.

The problem here is that ESPN still wants to be viewed as an actual news reporting entity.  They provide real reporting with Out Side the Lines (OTL) and with E:60.  I hear that they also still have sports center.  I stopped watching that around 10 years ago when it just became a competition to see which of the anchors could come up with the dumbest catch phrase.

ESPN Who knows what they are now

Parts of ESPN still attempt to be real news.  And parts of it are just pretending.  I would be ok with both of those if they did not blur the lines with stories like the LeBron to the Warriors.  You can tell that this was an actual planned event from ESPN.  There are several stories by different people that have had thought and research put into them.  If it was one shmoe writing an off  the cuff story presented as a hey what if this happened.  Ok fine.  That is not what this was.    It was presented as if this was a real possibility to happen.  Like it was almost going to be a done deal.  Kind of like how at this time last year every player in the NBA was going to go play for the Lakers.  Which made me write this story about the NBA Off season 

The sad part of that is many times that is what ESPN seems to be selling.    How did it get so out of control for them?  I just don’t know.  Possibly a combination of things.   Getting bough by one of the largest entertainment companies in the world may have had something to do with it.   It can’t all be blamed on that though.

I really think that ESPN just got to big for its own good and once they got there they did not know what to do.  So we ended up with personalities that were more caricatures of themselves and made themselves part of the story rather then talking about or presenting the story.  Guess it is kind of the way almost all the news stations have gone.

What ever happened to ESPN it lead us to the Signing Alert that was all over every aspect of ESPN today.  Something that is fun to debate and is great for a humor site but not news.

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SuperBowl Week – the long slow burn to the game

By joelb | January 31st, 2018

SuperBowlSuperBowl week is always very interesting.   There is so much going on that it creates a lot of excitement.   How much of the excitement is real?  Who cares!  It is all about the build up to the game.  The SuperBowl is one of the most extravagant crazy events put on anywhere in the world.

The NFL is trying to become a world wide sport.   One thing that they have done very well it to make their championship game a world wide event.  The SuperBowl is one of the most watched events world wide every year. Which is amazing since other than a few events in London and Mexico City all the games are played in the United States.

The way that the NFL has crafted SuperBowl week is nothing short of an amazing week long multimedia commercial that builds up to the big game.  There is something in it for everyone.  It is such a spectacle that many non football fans have an interest in it.  The one thing about non fans that always cracks me up is how on social media they post about how not interested in the SuperBowl they are.  Yet they felt the need to tell us all that.   I would count that as a complete win for the NFL that they are getting complete non fans to even comment about it.

SuperBowl Build Up

NFL fans will say that they hate the huge build up.  The numbers show that for most that is not true.  Or if it is true then they watch the build up  just to complain about it.  Either way the NFL gets more eyes and ears on their product.

It will be interesting to see what happens with the numbers for this SuperBowl.  It has appeared that the numbers have been down a bit of the NFL over the regular season.  Even with the down trend in the numbers the NFL still had more the 65 of the top 100 rated programs over the past 12 months.   There is no reason to believe that this years  SuperBowl will be any different.

With the team that everyone loves to hate in the Patriots and a team that has been there but never won it before in the Eagles there are a lot of reasons to watch.

Can Brady put himself alone in the record books as the quarterback with the most SuperBowl wins in history.   If he does win this one.  He  may be setting a record that can never be beaten.  The days of a player staying with one team as long as he has.  Maintaining the same level of success that whole time like the Patriots have.  Will more than likely never happen again.  I say more than likely because anything can happen.  It is just the chance of it happening again is very small.

We will have to see how the numbers play out.  I think that it will not be the most watched SuperBowl of all time but it will be up there.   It will remain to be seen if the commercials can live up to the hype.


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NBA All Star Game The NFL and Winter Blues

By joelb | January 21st, 2018

The NBA is almost to its half way point.   That means that it is time for the NBA all star game.  If you want to know how I really feel about all star games read this.  Why do we have All Star games.  I will give some props to the NBA for trying to do something newish.  It is new for them but the NHL has done this before in their all star game.

With the new rules the draft is a little involved.  You can read about the details here    .  I really am fine with what ever they have decided for the all star game.  It really does not matter since it is a meaningless game anyway.  The strange thing about it is that they are doing a blind draft.

Blind draft.   WTF – Why The Face?   Yes a blind draft so that no ones feeling get hurt.   I mean really what if one of these highly compensated players were to get picked last.   If that were to happen then I am sure that the emotional damage would be to all encompassing for anyone to over come.

Now keep in mind we are not talking about grade school children.  We are talking about grown adults.  Grown adults that have full time jobs.  Grown a


dults that get paid very well for what they do.  Adults that we pay as fans to do what they do.

Keeping all that in mind.   They had to hide the way the players are going to be picked so that no ones feelings would be hurt.  Are you kidding me.   Say that again.  They had to keep the draft secret so that no ones feeling should be hurt.   Maybe they need to hire Stuart Smalley for some image training.  I am sure that he would be able to help them out.

I don’t understand what is going on in the NBA with all the kid type attitudes that they seem to have.   No one seem to be taking responsibility for their actions.  I guess it is pretty much mirroring society at this point.  Watch out whos feelings you might hurt.

If the NBA was so worried about who ever would get their feelings hurt.  They should have done this game very differently.   Not that it really matters since it is a game that has zero meaning anyway.

How many of you are planning to watch the NBA All Star game?  I have not watched one in years.  I have watched the skills competition which is actually pretty interesting.  The game itself not so much.

Over all the ratings for the NBA are up this year.  Up pretty significantly.   How ever the strangeness that is going on with how the players feel about their teams and their image is not going to be able to continue.  At some point the fans will start to tune this stuff out.

Bowl Season is upon us in the week that was

By joelb | December 20th, 2017

The Week That WasBowl Season is always very interesting.  It seems to come more quickly than it used to.  That could be because there are so many bowls now.  I have heard people complain that there are to many bowls.  Could be  but I really don’t mind.  For those that have a problem with how many bowls are out there.  I have a simple solution.  Don’t watch them.  It really is that simple.  It works that way with any thing that is on television.  If you don’t like it just don’t watch it.

I have no problem with the amount of teams that make the bowl season.    Clearly at least most of the bowls are making some kind of money.  If they weren’t then they would not keep the bowl.  It really is a nice reward to a long hard season.  Hey you did alright you get to take a trip and play in a bowl.  Who cares where the bowl is played it is still a free trip somewhere.

There were 5 bowls this past Saturday to start the Bowl Season.  None of them were big name teams but they were all pretty good bowl games.  There will be a plethora of games as the next few weeks continue.  Football almost every day.  Priceless.

NFL Playoffs, Replay and the Catch Rule

For the firs time in eight years the Green Bay Packers will not be part of the playoffs.  Everything must end at some point.  The Patriots clinched with a crazy win over the Steelers.  This game showed us a few things.  The Steelers and Patriots are very closely matched teams.   The catch rule needs to be rewritten and replay should be abolished.

I know that the ruling on the Jesse James catch was to how the rule is written.  How ever in no world should that have not been a touchdown.  It was a problem a few years ago with the Des Bryant catch and it is still a problem today.   Replay has shown that they get as many wrong as they get right.  It slows down the game and it takes a lot of the human element out of the game.   There is no way that every call is going to be correct.  So I say just deal with it.  Some calls will be wrong it does not matter if you have replay or not.  So go with the simpler solution and get rid of replay.

A botched replay could end up costing the Lions a play off spot.  If they end up tied with the Falcons then Golden Tates over turned touchdown will be the difference and will cost the Lions a playoff spot.  I guess you could argue the same could happen with the calls being made without replay.  For me it would be much easier to handle.

That is it this week.  Got a late start and my brain is fried.

Check out last weeks post here


Dead Time – Slow Saturdays with out College Football in the week that was

By joelb | December 14th, 2017

The Week That WasDead Time.  You know you feel it.  With drawl pains the first weekend after the college football regular season is done.  There was one good college game on this weekend.  The Army Navy game being played in the snow.  With a come back victory for Army to pull out a one point win.  After a decade of futility Army now has a two game win streak against Navy.   No matter what the record is of these two teams.  It is always a very interesting and fun rivalry.

College Basketball pushing though till February

College basketball is getting into full swing.  I will admit that I do not have the interest in college basketball that I used to have.  Just about any game before January first or more likely February first I just don’t have much interest in.  Once they are in the second half of the conference schedule and getting closer to the conference tournaments.  Then on to March Madness that is when the season gets exciting.  At least for me.

MLS  – Hello Columbus  Goodbye

The MLS says that Columbus just does not have the soccer following to support a team.  So it appears that they are supporting the Crew ownership in the plan to move the Crew.   Interesting thing is happening.  Even though the Crew lost to Toronto in the Semi – Finals the Columbus fans are supporting the MLS.   With Seattle in the final against Toronto you would think that Columbus would not be watching the games.  Well jokes on the MLS.  Columbus is supporting soccer even though their team is out.  The Columbus market was the second ranked market for television viewership after Seattle.  A bit strange that the MLS does not want the team in Columbus anymore.  It appears that the fans are there.  The games sell well.  With some support of ownership and making the games easier to find on television the viewer ship would more than likely go up even more.

So be it I guess.  Have a good time in Austin.

NFL Stretch Run

The NFC has turned into a strange power house.    It is looking more and more like a ten win team will not make the playoffs in the NFC.  The Packers seem to be the team that will not die.  The Browns seem to be the team that will not live.  Last week the Browns had the perfect change to stay out of the history books.  They could have avoided the chance for an 0 – 16 season.  Do they really want to tie the 2007 Lions?  Yes it looks like they do.  They had the ailing Packers on the ropes.  There were two plays in that game that doomed them.  On the Browns last drive of the first half.  They were moving down the field.  Then their quarterback tossed up a pass that was intercepted by the Packers.

It ended the drive and left them with a 7 point lead at the half.  If they had scored there and went up by 14 the game more than likely would have been pretty much over.   That failed drive gave the Packers some hope and kept them in the game.  The Packers tied it up and took it to over time.  In the over time the Browns won the coin toss.  They elected to take the ball.  That was when Clay Matthews took over his Kaizers arm and forced him to throw a lame duck pass.  The Packers intercepted and scored a touchdown on the drive to win the game.

Two things happened there.  The Browns stayed on course to have a zero win season and the Packers kept their playoff hopes alive.   It is pretty amazing that with out their best player for two months that the Packers are still in the hunt for a playoff birth.  Almost no one though that this would be possible with the loss of Rodgers.

NFC Playoff Picture

The Eagles have clinched a playoff spot with three weeks to go.  As impressive as their season has been there are a few things working against them.  The loss of Wentz is HUGE.   The other thing working against them is when you clinch a spot this early some teams have let up and tried to rest for the playoffs.  If the Eagles do rest up they will probably not go very far in the playoffs.  They are going to need these three games to get going with Nick Foles as their quarterback.  I know he was there before and ran the offense.  That will help but this is a different team.  I guess if you are going to lose an MVP candidate it is better to lose them with some time to get things in order.

Minnesota is also in a good position.  More than likely they will clinch the NFC North next week.  They are playing the Bengals at home in Minnesota.  The Bengals have been such a disappointment this year.  It would be a surprise if they beat the Vikings.  They then finish out with the Packers and the Bears.  Even if the Vikings clinch against the Bengals they will give their all against the Packers.  For the Packers every game could be a season ending game and for the Vikings, if they can, they want to try and keep the Packers out.  If the Packers can make it in and Rodgers is back they will be a very difficult out in the playoffs.

The rest of the NFC playoff picture is very jumbled up.  With three teams with 9 wins each.  The Saints, Panthers and Rams.   As good as their seasons have been none of these teams are safe to make the playoffs.

AFC Playoff Picture

The Steelers are in.  The Patriots could have clinched but with their loss in Miami on Monday night they will have to try again next week to clinch.  The game next week against the Steelers could be for home field advantage though the playoffs.  That game will be like a playoff game.  For the Patriots if they win that game their last two games against the Jets and Bills both at home should be wins.

Then with the head to head win against the Steelers they would have home field.  The Steelers are in a similar situation.  They have games against the Texans and Browns after the Patriots.  If they beat the Patriots they could even lose one of those and still have home field.  The other team in a good spot is the Jaguars.  Of all teams the Jaguars.  Years of not being that great are finally starting to pay off.  They don’t even really need a great quarterback.  If Bortles can just not suck their defense will pull them though.

I am not even sure the rest of the playoff teams really matter in the AFC.  One of those three teams are going to win the AFC.   More than likely it is really only between the Steelers and the Patriots.   Anything other than that would be a surprise.  Of course as we know anything can happen in the Playoffs.  If I were a betting man it would be between those two teams.

Golf Fixes a Dumb Rule

Golf across all leagues have finally said that they would no longer accept rules violations coming in from the fans.  They should not have even had to say that.   This is something that never should have been.  It is crazy that some random fan watching at home could affect a tournament.  Not only is this unfair across the board it is just strange.  You are not going to have a fan call in a face mask penalty or any other penalty in any other sport.  The other really strange thing is that the penalties were enforced retroactively.  Why in the world would you allow this to happen?  I just don’t know.   This rule was as crazy as the NCAA taking away wins as punishment.  Maybe the NCAA will learn something from Golf.

Crash and Burn

If you are a fan of the Walking Dead.  This past Sunday in the mid season finally the show jumped the shark.  Not only did they jump the shark.  They did not make it over the pool.   The motorcycle crashed into the pool and the person that gave the ok to this episode was eaten.  We could only be so lucky if they were eaten by the shark.  If they were we would not have to worry about having another episode like this one.  This episode falls under.  What the heck were they thinking?  No one really knows.  I am not even sure they know.   It was an attempt to bring excitement to a show that is pats its prime.   I will continue to watch till the end but this episode completely ruined the whole series for me.  They could recover in the second half of the season but it does not look good.

Sorry this post was so late.  It was a crazy week and things happen.   Check out last weeks post here.  Till next week have a great time.




Subjective – The ins and outs in the week that was

By joelb | December 6th, 2017

The Week That WasThe regular season in college football came to an end.  Now it will be on to the bowl season and the college football playoff.   Tiger Woods made his big comeback.  I know I was wondering if it would ever happen.  Then when it did happen how it would go.  The NFL offered money that players can use for social causes.  The players response?  This is just hush money.  Yes of course it is.  Did you really think it was something else?  I had no doubt that there would be any other response.


College Football Playoff

Okay who out there thinks that the College Football Playoff Committee made the right choice by putting Alabama in?  I am sure that The Ohio State University does not think the committee made the correct choice.  Of all the people that are involved in this they have the least right to complain.  Last year they were in a similar situation.  They did not win their Conference they did not even win their division.  Yet the committee put them anyway.  That turned out to be a horrible choice.   Alabama this year had a horrible strength of schedule.  The only strong team they played this year.  They lost to.  That team then got destroyed in the SEC championship game.

I can see the logic in putting in a one loss team over a two loss team.  But really what it comes down to is that if you do not win your conference you do not deserve to be in the playoff.  The other thing is don’t have a 31 point loss on your schedule to a mediocre team.  With the Ohio State loss to Iowa by that margin it really took them out of the running if things were close.

They could have still lost that game and gotten in if it had been a close loss.  It was not.  They looked horrible in that game and got run out of the stadium.  This team has had a propensity to have bad games like that.  Look at their loss to Clemson in the playoff last year.  The committee says that they do not take last year into account but you know it is sitting in the back of their minds when thy are making these discussions.

I am alright with the teams they did put in.  Clemson, Alabama, Oklahoma and Georgia.  You knew at some point there was gong to be two teams from one conference.  The SEC was not that good over all but the teams at the top were at the top of the pools all season.

Will Tiger make it to the next tournament

Tiger Woods made his big comeback this weekend.  He actually played alright.    In the Hero World Challenge he finished tied for 9th in an 18 player field.  At 9 under you would have to say that this is an accomplishment for him.   Of course the question is not if he can play through one tournament.  It is can he do it week to week.  There is no way for us to know how well his back will hold up.  I don’t know if Tiger will be able to get anywhere close to the Tiger of old.  Maybe he can but more likely he cannot.

It will be possible for him to have a crazy weekend where the Tiger of old does show up.  He will probably win again on the tour.  Not sure if it will happen in a major tough.  It is pretty clear that Golf needs Tiger to do alright and at least make several cuts.  Like NASCAR the PGA ratings have been down.  Unlike NASCAR they have an ace in the hole with Tiger.  If he can put a string of alright round together the ratings will go up.

NFL – Push for the Playoffs

In the AFC the Patriots, Steelers and Titans are all looking good to make the playoffs.   In the AFC West i is going to be a crap shoot.  It looks like the Chiefs have lost all of their mojo and are on a long slide to oblivion.  The question is will the Raiders or Chargers be able to take advantage of that slide.

In NFC a 10 win team may be out

In the NFC there will more than likely be a 10 win team that will be left out of the playoffs.  The Vikings, Eagles and Rams are more than likely in.  In the NFC South the only team that is out of it is Tampa Bay.  It is possible that the NFC South will get three teams in with the Saints, Panthers and Falcons.   However the Saints and Panthers are on an upswing and the Falcons are muddling around not looking like the same team as last year.  They have had their moments but have clearly lost something.

The question is will any of the 6 -6 teams be able to move up.  The Lions, Packers and Cowboys are all at 6-6 and have to potential to make it there.  The Packers just need to beat Cleveland and then at 7 – 6 they will be looking like they have a chance.  They will need some help from Atlanta to get over that hump.  The Falcons have the tie breaker over the Packers due to their win in week two.  With two games against the Saints and a game against the Panthers it is possible that the Falcons finish the season 1 – 3 with their only win coming against the Buccaneers.

The fall of the Giants

In a surprise to no one except maybe Ben McAdoo and Jerry Reese the Giants fired them both on Monday.  They took an 11-5 team from last year and have almost turned them into the Browns.  The slide of the Giants was dramatic and there was no way that their jobs were going to be saved.  They like the Buckeyes have no one to blame but themselves.  While I don’t disagree with the benching of Eli Manning it was very odd the way it was handled.  If they had handled it better would it have saved their jobs?  Probably not.  Eli has not been playing well since last season.  The Giants have not helped him in any way though.  So while he has been bad the Giants coach has been worse.

Fall Television end of the Fall Season

It is always a bummer when the fall television season comes to an end.  Seems like you are just getting into the shows and then they go on a break.  I was going to go into a long complaint about how they do this too us every year.  Seems to have run out of time and just have to get this posted.  I will get to this next week.

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Thanksgiving for a great week – The week that was

By joelb | November 29th, 2017

The Week That WasIt was a very interesting week in football.  There are many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving week.  Of course that depends on what team you are rooting for.   If you are an Alabama or Michigan fan.  You may not be so thankful this week.  Things are starting to shape up in the college football playoff race.  Or are they?  They may have gotten muddier.  Thanksgiving week brings us three Thursday games rather than the usual one.  Funny how the players don’t complain about that one.  The Jerry and Roger spat seems to have quieted down a bit this past week.  Probably just too much going on for the holiday.  More likely the other owners told Jerry this is not just your league so stuff it.  I think that is highly likely.

Thanksgiving NFL Rules

The NFL started off Thanksgiving right.  There were two great games and one dud.  The one, was only a dud if you are a fan of the Cowboys.  If you are an anti fan of the Cowboys then it was also a great game.  With all the acclaim that the Cowboys came in to the season with it seems it is just not working out for them this year.  At 5-6 this year it is becoming highly unlikely that they will make the playoffs this year.  With the suspension of Zeke they have lost a step.  Dak has also not been as sharp as he was last year.

Some of this can be attributed to the lack of cohesion in there offensive line this year.  Some of it can also be attributed to the dreaded sophomore slump.  I would actually say that Prescott is not really having a sophomore slump but more that he was not going to be able to keep playing at the level he played at last year.  This does not mean that he will not be able to get to that level again.  Just that very few players are able to stay at that level this early in their career.

Vikings Pulling Away

The Vikings are much better than I thought they would be this year.  I thought they would be a pretty good team but it seems like they are putting things together at the right time.  Of course it helps that Aaron Rodgers went down for the season.  They are taking advantage of the Packers loss and running with it.  The Lions could just not hang with the Vikings in the Early Thanksgiving game.  It was not a bad effort by the Lions the Vikings just out classed the Lions.

The late game between the Redskins and Giants was pretty entertaining considering neither team really has much to play for anymore this year.  The Giants have been out of the playoffs and the Browns are completely out classing them for the first pick in the draft.  They have nothing to lose either way.

Teams that are out

These teams have no chance of making the playoffs Jets, Dolphins, Browns, Colts, Broncos, Giants, Bears, Buccaneers, 49ers.  They can all start getting ready for next year.  Now is the time t really start looking at what they have and what they need to replace.  Other teams that are more than likely out but could still put it together Bengals, Texans, Cowboys, Redskins, Packers, Cardinals.  It is possible for these teams to make it but not very probable.  A lot of things would have to fall into place for them to make the playoffs.   For the Packers they would have to win out.   They played well against the Steelers and then with one poor coaching decision (going for a 57 yard field goal) their shot at winning the game was taken away from them.  So be it I guess.   They played much better than many had expected.

The run to the playoffs will be very interesting.  In the next few weeks some coaches will start to fall and we will see some interesting things happen.

College Football Chaos

Two of the top four crash and burn.  The last time the AP number one and two teams lost this late was in 2012.  For those of us that love to see a mess at the end of the season.  This is great.   This is what makes the season very exciting.  Alabama was really just going off the fact that it is Alabama.  Who have they beat this year?  No one.  The only team they played that has been any good was Auburn this past weekend and they lost.

People are saying that they will still possibly get into the playoff.  Just like Ohio State last year this would be an odd decision.  I do not think that in the current format a team that does not win its conference should be in.  I know, I know the eye test.  This team (pick one) just deserves to be in because we subjectively decided they were better than another team.  If that it going to be the case then just go back to the days when the Championship was decided by the polls rather than on the field.

Tennessee Crash and Burn

With all the excitement on the field this past week.  Tennessee decided that they did not want to be left out.  They hired and unhired Greg Schiano.  The accusations against him by the fans of Tennessee have never been substantiated.   Tennessee letting the fans decide who they should hire will create a huge problem for them.  If he did hide information then he never should have been considered.  There is nothing that shows that he actually knew anything about what was going on at Penn State.

The problem for Tennessee now is that with the way they handled this.  Who in their right mind is going to want to go coach there.   No one that has any real experience is going to want to take the job.  The other problem is that with all the uncertainty it will be very difficult to recruit players to come there.  There is just way to many options for the top tier players.  With things such a mess no one is going to want to deal with the chaos.

At least UCLA knew what they wanted and went for it with Chip Kelly.   With the amount of talent he will have available to him.  He should be able to turn UCLA into a strong contending program very quickly.  The PAC 12 has been down the last few years.  With Kelly at UCLA that will change.

A Rose by any other name

It has been a bad week for those with the last name of Rose.  Both Charles and Derrick have had a tough week.  Of course for very different reasons.  Derrick just does not seem to be in it anymore.   It looks like his desire to play is just done.  It was a nice experiment by the Cavaliers and if it had worked out then it would have been a great pickup.  For it to work out though Rose would have had to want it to work out.  There is nothing wrong will worrying about your body and how you will live the rest of your life.  If you are going to do that though.  Don’t string the team along.  The Cavaliers are starting to put it together now they really don’t need Rose.  You tried it did not work out.  Time to move on.

Full and Feeling it

It was a great Thanksgiving week.  Lots of Football to watch.  Most of it was really entertaining.  This is a case where Thursday Football is fantastic.  Then Friday, Saturday and Sunday football.   I love this part of the season.  All the racing to the playoffs are playing out.  Teams that are out of it are preparing for next year.  It is truly a great time of the sports year.

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