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Why do we have All-Star Games?

By joelb | January 31st, 2016

All-Star games have been around for a long time.  The first instance of a sanctioned All-Star Game was by Major League Baseball in 1933.  The rest of the leagues followed soon after with all star games of their own. I have never been a huge fan of the all star games so that brings up […]

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All Hail The Cam!

By gordyb | January 28th, 2016

Is Cam Newton right…he is hated because he’s Black? In this crazy political mess we call “political correctness” he could be right. I sincerely doubt it. No one doubts that he is supremely talented. It’s the obnoxious parading and things like the unnecessary chest pounding that rub people the wrong way. Anyway, it’s certainly not […]

NFL Conference Championship Game Winners

By joelb | January 25th, 2016

With one dud and one exciting finish the NFL Conference Championship Game Winners were decided.  I never liked that they start the games at an odd time for the NFL Conference championship games.    All season long the NFL has trained us that the games start around 1:00 PM and then around 4:15 PM.  So […]

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Do Higher Altitudes make a difference?

By louisb | January 24th, 2016

One of the big games that is happening this weekend is between the New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos.  Which team will win? It has been really hard to say which teams will win in the playoffs this year, and every game has been really good so far. But one of the factors I […]

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Mandatory Cautions – A really BAD idea

By joelb | January 23rd, 2016

The plan to use Mandatory Cautions in the NACSAR Camping World Truck Series (NCWTS) is one of the craziest and dumbest ideas that NASCAR has ever come up with.  NASCAR has given no reasoning behind instituting the mandatory caution periods.   I am all for experimentation and trying new things to see how they work.  It […]

NFL Conference Championship Games

By joelb | January 21st, 2016

Does it seem to you that the football season goes by way too fast?  To me it seems like the season just started and here we are in the Conference Championship Games week.  Hard to believe that there are only three games left in the season.  Granted they are the three biggest games but after […]

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Time to Grow Up!

By gordyb | January 18th, 2016

It is simply unfathomable to see how the millionaire owners of the NFL adopted the silly, unfair and outmoded rules existing to resolve games that result in ties at the end of regulation! Look to the colleges. However you feel about it they are at least fair to both teams involved and there are no […]

NFL Divisional Round – Winners

By joelb | January 18th, 2016

The NFL Divisional Round games this weekend lived up to the excitement from the Wild Card weekend games.  All of the games were exciting in some way.  The Cardinals Packers game was one of the most exciting playoff games in recent history.  The way the game ended really shows how the overtime rules in the […]

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Super Bowl Predictions

By louisb | January 17th, 2016

Continuing with the playoffs, the games played on 1/16/2016 were great, even if the desired outcomes did not happen.  The first game is probably one of those, between Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots.  Many people probably did not want the Patriots to win, if you all are like me, you wouldn’t mind seeing […]

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NFL Divisional Round

By joelb | January 14th, 2016

The Wild Card round produced a result that has never been done before.  All 4 of the road team won.  The home teams worked so hard all season to get that home field advantage and left it there on the field.  Now they get to stay home for the second round of the playoffs.  Will […]

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