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Bowl Season is upon us in the week that was

By joelb | December 20th, 2017

Bowl Season is always very interesting.  It seems to come more quickly than it used to.  That could be because there are so many bowls now.  I have heard people complain that there are to many bowls.  Could be  but I really don’t mind.  For those that have a problem with how many bowls are […]

Dead Time – Slow Saturdays with out College Football in the week that was

By joelb | December 14th, 2017

Dead Time.  You know you feel it.  With drawl pains the first weekend after the college football regular season is done.  There was one good college game on this weekend.  The Army Navy game being played in the snow.  With a come back victory for Army to pull out a one point win.  After a […]

Subjective – The ins and outs in the week that was

By joelb | December 6th, 2017

The regular season in college football came to an end.  Now it will be on to the bowl season and the college football playoff.   Tiger Woods made his big comeback.  I know I was wondering if it would ever happen.  Then when it did happen how it would go.  The NFL offered money that players […]