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College Football Picks Ranked Teams 11-26-2011

By joelb | November 23rd, 2011

The car wreck was avoided and things when alright this past weekend with the picks.  How ever some how I missed picking another game of ranked teams.   Maybe it was because it involved USC and since they can not go to a bowl this year I just removed the ranking from them in my […]

College Football Picks Ranked Teams 11-5-2011

By joelb | November 3rd, 2011

You win some and you lose some.  Here at the picks we did just that last week. In the first game we picked Oklahoma to take care of business and rout Kansas State.  Oklahoma surpassed what we expected to happen and pasted Kansas State.  The final score Oklahoma 58 Kansas State 17.  Picks for the […]

College Football Picks Ranked Teams 10-15-2011

By joelb | October 15th, 2011

We had another good week for our picks last week.  Good thing we are building up a good record now so that hopefully we can finish with a winning record this year. In the first game LSU pretty much had their way with Florida as predicted.  Final score LSU 41 Florida 11.  Picks 1-0 for […]

College Football Picks Ranked Teams 10-08-2011

By joelb | October 8th, 2011

Last week was our first so so week for the picks.  We went 2-2.  While still not bad not nearly as good as we had been doing.  We were let down by Florida and Texas A&M. Florida did not even make it a game against Alabama.  When John Brantly went down that pretty much sealed […]

College Football Picks Ranked Teams 9-24-2011

By joelb | September 24th, 2011

Weekly College Football Pick Review

By joelb | October 16th, 2010

One right and one wrong.  The one that was right was the big one.   What a crazy game the Arkansas Auburn game was.  Who would have thought that the game would have ended the way it did.  Auburn 65 Arkansas 43.  I still think that if Ryan Mallett does not get hurt this game ends differently.  […]

Weekly College Football Pick of Ranked Teams

By joelb | October 16th, 2010

This week there are only two match ups of ranked teams in College Football.  Both games should be interesting and both games  will hold some surprises. It the matchup of (1) Ohio State at (18) Wisconsin look for the Badgers to mix it up a bit an have a little bit of a passing game.  […]