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If you Cheat in the NCAA

By joelb | September 17th, 2011

If you are going to cheat in the NCAA it appears that you should cheat BIG and not with little baby steps.  After watching the Cheater Bowl between the two stand up schools University of Miami and The Ohio State University.  I can clearly see that it is much worse to trade some gear for tattoos than […]

OSU Can Laugh No More

By joelb | March 10th, 2011

The Ohio State University has left no doubt that winning is not everything.  It is the only thing.   The problem is not the players or what the players may or may not have done.  The problem is not that the tattoo artist was being investigated for selling drugs.  The problem is not that the player sold […]

Weekly College Football Pick Review

By joelb | October 16th, 2010

One right and one wrong.  The one that was right was the big one.   What a crazy game the Arkansas Auburn game was.  Who would have thought that the game would have ended the way it did.  Auburn 65 Arkansas 43.  I still think that if Ryan Mallett does not get hurt this game ends differently.  […]

Weekly College Football Pick of Ranked Teams

By joelb | October 16th, 2010

This week there are only two match ups of ranked teams in College Football.  Both games should be interesting and both games  will hold some surprises. It the matchup of (1) Ohio State at (18) Wisconsin look for the Badgers to mix it up a bit an have a little bit of a passing game.  […]

College Football Sunday

By joelb | September 26th, 2010

The polls are out and it looks like things went pretty much as expected.  Alabama is still leads the pack.  Ohio State is still second and Bosie State is a distant third.  Oregon State dropped out of the poll this is not a surprise after the way that Boise dispatched them last night in a […]