SuperBowl Week – the long slow burn to the game

By joelb | January 31st, 2018

SuperBowlSuperBowl week is always very interesting.   There is so much going on that it creates a lot of excitement.   How much of the excitement is real?  Who cares!  It is all about the build up to the game.  The SuperBowl is one of the most extravagant crazy events put on anywhere in the world.

The NFL is trying to become a world wide sport.   One thing that they have done very well it to make their championship game a world wide event.  The SuperBowl is one of the most watched events world wide every year. Which is amazing since other than a few events in London and Mexico City all the games are played in the United States.

The way that the NFL has crafted SuperBowl week is nothing short of an amazing week long multimedia commercial that builds up to the big game.  There is something in it for everyone.  It is such a spectacle that many non football fans have an interest in it.  The one thing about non fans that always cracks me up is how on social media they post about how not interested in the SuperBowl they are.  Yet they felt the need to tell us all that.   I would count that as a complete win for the NFL that they are getting complete non fans to even comment about it.

SuperBowl Build Up

NFL fans will say that they hate the huge build up.  The numbers show that for most that is not true.  Or if it is true then they watch the build up  just to complain about it.  Either way the NFL gets more eyes and ears on their product.

It will be interesting to see what happens with the numbers for this SuperBowl.  It has appeared that the numbers have been down a bit of the NFL over the regular season.  Even with the down trend in the numbers the NFL still had more the 65 of the top 100 rated programs over the past 12 months.   There is no reason to believe that this years  SuperBowl will be any different.

With the team that everyone loves to hate in the Patriots and a team that has been there but never won it before in the Eagles there are a lot of reasons to watch.

Can Brady put himself alone in the record books as the quarterback with the most SuperBowl wins in history.   If he does win this one.  He  may be setting a record that can never be beaten.  The days of a player staying with one team as long as he has.  Maintaining the same level of success that whole time like the Patriots have.  Will more than likely never happen again.  I say more than likely because anything can happen.  It is just the chance of it happening again is very small.

We will have to see how the numbers play out.  I think that it will not be the most watched SuperBowl of all time but it will be up there.   It will remain to be seen if the commercials can live up to the hype.


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