Signing Alert – LeBron James to the Warriors

By joelb | February 1st, 2018

Signing Alert - ESPN for the fail againSigning Alert – LeBron James to the Warriors will never happen.   EVER.

Once again ESPN shows that they are getting closer to The Onion in their reporting that to their roots as a station that reports the news.  Which is fine if that is the path that they are choosing to make money.  There is lots of room for parody and satirical stories.   Everyone is interested in some humor at times.  Well almost everyone there are those people that do not get it or ever care to get it.  That is fine as well.  Each to their own.

The problem here is that ESPN still wants to be viewed as an actual news reporting entity.  They provide real reporting with Out Side the Lines (OTL) and with E:60.  I hear that they also still have sports center.  I stopped watching that around 10 years ago when it just became a competition to see which of the anchors could come up with the dumbest catch phrase.

ESPN Who knows what they are now

Parts of ESPN still attempt to be real news.  And parts of it are just pretending.  I would be ok with both of those if they did not blur the lines with stories like the LeBron to the Warriors.  You can tell that this was an actual planned event from ESPN.  There are several stories by different people that have had thought and research put into them.  If it was one shmoe writing an off  the cuff story presented as a hey what if this happened.  Ok fine.  That is not what this was.    It was presented as if this was a real possibility to happen.  Like it was almost going to be a done deal.  Kind of like how at this time last year every player in the NBA was going to go play for the Lakers.  Which made me write this story about the NBA Off season 

The sad part of that is many times that is what ESPN seems to be selling.    How did it get so out of control for them?  I just don’t know.  Possibly a combination of things.   Getting bough by one of the largest entertainment companies in the world may have had something to do with it.   It can’t all be blamed on that though.

I really think that ESPN just got to big for its own good and once they got there they did not know what to do.  So we ended up with personalities that were more caricatures of themselves and made themselves part of the story rather then talking about or presenting the story.  Guess it is kind of the way almost all the news stations have gone.

What ever happened to ESPN it lead us to the Signing Alert that was all over every aspect of ESPN today.  Something that is fun to debate and is great for a humor site but not news.

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